Solution Development

At Green Light Technology Solutions we have a wide range of options available when it comes to your software needs. We have a comprehensive offering ranging from assisting in the adoption of off-the-shelf software to developing bespoke software for your company.

We recognise that implementing or replacing systems can be a daunting prospect and combined with our business acumen and technical excellence we are able to assist whatever the challenge.

Off-the-Shelf Systems

We are able to assist with the implementation of off-the shelf products from advising and prospecting to implementation and delivery of the system.

Systems Consultancy

Whether it’s buying new or replacing an old system we can assist in the full project to deliver your needs. Building on our relationship as your support provider, we can advise based on our knowledge of your existing systems and assist in getting the best options for you.

Business Process Improvement

All organisations have processes which could be considered in-efficient or difficult which prevent your company from moving forward and progressing. Identifying these process improvements can be difficult when individuals get used to operating in specific ways.

At Green Light Technology Solutions, we can perform a diagnostic of business processes and identify areas which could be improved by changing working practices or technologies.

Bespoke Application Development

Whether there is nothing that fits the bill or you need something highly specific, we can provide bespoke application development to suit your needs. Building powerful custom, database-driven applications that deliver results.