As we become more mobile in the way we work organisations are looking to technology partners who can address the growing need from businesses to provide an ‘always on’ wireless connectivity function. Whether this is at the office, in a hotel or at an airport people recognise a wireless connection is a necessity rather than a luxury. Just as they can roam using their mobile phone, users also require the same level of convenience when accessing an internet connection through a laptop or wireless device.

Access all areas

In order for any wireless implementation project to run successfully you need to ensure the right amount of planning has been put in place. Green Light Technology Solutions has a tried and tested formula which compiles a comprehensive site survey. This survey maps out the Radio Frequency (RF) area, measures interference, any channel overlaps and records what cable runs are required. The site survey documentation becomes a key reference tool for the customer and includes maps of the RF coverage, photographs of the wireless device locations along with technical recommendations.

Green Light Technology Solutions also prides themselves on their wireless LAN security testing and wireless LAN health checks which provide customers with elements such as penetration testing and performance analysis. These areas coupled with the wireless LAN installation and commissioning services ensure all partners can be confident that no stone is unturned when setting up a wireless network.

WiFi Survey Result